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passion + people + talent

About Our Process

We use a unique and nuanced recruiting process. Here is why and how.

The Need

Whether it’s a quick call to gather the most crucial details about your vacancy, or a personal meeting to get to know your team and workplace culture, we recognize the magic is in listening and asking the right questions. That's what allows us to swiftly and effectively find your next best hire.

The Network

We use an exciting and ongoing approach to both scout and attract only top talent. We always have our eyes peeled for star performers, and we're constantly making connections with the most sought after people in the industry. Building genuine relationships is what has helped us develop such a huge network of intelligent, hard working individuals.

The Match

Our candidates are vetted and personally screened using a unique process that allows us to pinpoint top-tier talent.

We treat every interview like an audition. Only the highest quality performers make it to center stage, and it takes true commitment to land the role. We believe in giving candidates the tools to succeed while allowing their skills and talent to earn an applause.

Our Mission

Here at TalentCount, we believe in the power of "EQ", or emotional intelligence. It is our passion to scout the most authenticated, high-EQ human resources and leadership professionals to influence company culture, objectives, and growth. Without a high EQ, even the most experienced and skilled leaders can fail to perform. We understand that people are at the core of success, and we recognize that the climate of the modern working world makes it impossible to progress without understanding self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management. That's why we take our screening process so seriously!

Our Vision

To build Awareness, promote Talent and live Passionately.

Our Core Values

Our self-awareness is our most valuable skill. 

There’s nothing else to gain without gratitude.

Lead with integrity and the rest will follow.

Always committed to top quality.

Do it with passion or not at all. 

The learning never stops.

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