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Find Talent

Allow us to introduce you to your next key employee in Human Resources, Operations, or Management.

Place Me

It’s wild out there—let’s connect you with your next extraordinary career!


We are

and our passion is connecting employers and incredible talent. Our unique screening process and niche expertise allows us to create intelligent workplace matches—whether you're looking for an understudy to step in temporarily, or a permanent employee to play a main role, we've held auditions and checked all the boxes.

Through advanced and unique screening and testing techniques, we scout the most qualified, authenticated, and emotionally intelligent HR professionals. Our credible referrals, direct experience, and unparalleled relationships will speak for themselves!

Elevated HR staffing

Looking for your next star performer?

You need flexibility and we've done our stretches. Whether you're launching a new project, losing someone to leave of absence, or looking to fill a position for an undetermined period of time, hiring someone on a temporary or contract basis might be your perfect solution. No long-term commitment, just work to get done with the right talent!


Contract Hires

Contract to Permanent


Prefer to work with someone a bit before sealing the deal? Hire contract to permanent. A few months with your new employee will reveal how they fit in with your company culture and allow you to gauge their performance. After that, you can decide if a long-term commitment feels right.

Direct Hire


You have a crucial role to fill, and you know it’s on the top shelf! You’re ready to hire a hand-picked professional with the right skills, ideal experience, and desire to commit. Our process captures the highest level, passive-seeking employees and allows us to match them to your organization. Don't fret—our program still offers a guarantee. We’re just humans after all.

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